How to optimise e commerce sales after Christmas

January marks the beginning of a new year of sales opportunities for your e commerce business, including connecting with new customers, retaining your Christmas customers and optimising conversion rates.

However, it can also be incredibly challenging for businesses to overcome what is known as the January sales slump, which is traditionally known as a time where consumers cut back on their spending following Christmas. After all… not everyone is in the buying mood after over indulging and over spending during the festive season!

The good news is that there are lots of ways that you can optimise e commerce sales after Christmas.

Here are our top tips for optimising sales after Christmas.

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Look back to look forward

In order to optimise sales in 2022, it’s important to start by analysing your data from last year, as this will help you to determine what strategies worked and what didn’t.

Your data is integral to the growth of your business and can help you to prepare a sales strategy that will help you to optimise sales, increase conversions and boost conversion rates.  As part of your analysis, you should also look closely at the pages with a high bounce rate, pages with the most and least traffic, visitor queries and you should also look at pages with a high exit rate.

As soon as you have a plan of action, you should implement it straight away.


Change Google Ads

Following the Christmas sales peak, many businesses neglect their Google Ad campaigns, emails and social media networks! However, there’s still a whole host of opportunities to embrace during the Winter sale period, especially when it comes to boosting your sales further.

With this in mind, momentum should not be lost when it comes to implementing effective marketing tactics that you already know work for your business. Instead they should be adapted to fit the time of year, meet your target market’s needs, focus on the products that they demand the most and always enrich your campaigns with seasonal keywords such as sale, beat the January blues and winter sales.


A strong focus on mobile 


January’s long, cold, dark days are never going to entice consumers to hit the shops! And with the rise of Ecommerce shopping, many consumers actually prefer to shop from their mobile phone in a space where they are most comfy, whether that’s at home or work.

And, with more of us than ever before glued to our mobile phones, 2022 should be all about taking advantage of mobile user’s shopping habits!

And mobile users are not only shopping online but they are also using their mobile devices as their main source of shopping inspiration and searching for information about products and services.  Many consumers have also reported that they have discovered lots of new and exciting brands using their mobile phones.


Focus on engagement and retention

Although it’s been a long, busy festive season, your engagement and retention efforts certainly shouldn’t take a back seat in the new year. Instead, you should be more committed than ever before to ensuring that you are sparking conversations with your customers, inspiring action and giving them a reason to invest in your brand!


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