How we work

We aim to give you the simplest, clearest and the best experience from the start so you can be safe in the knowledge that your financial numbers are true and trusted. This allows you to get the most potential out of your financial data and thus the ability to make smarter business decisions.
Onboarding process at Unicorn

Setup for Success

Following your initial contact, we’ll arrange a consultation meeting online whereby we’ll get down to the core of your business needs, work out how we can help and propose the best solution. When you’re happy we’ll enroll you into the specified systems and processes.

Recieve timely financial information through regular bookkeeping

Timely Financials

All our packages include bookkeeping, allowing all of your financial data to be kept current and will allow you to know your finances, giving you accurate knowledge of how your business is performing.

See your e-commerce financial trends in data.

Getting proactive

By utilising your up-to-date financials we can actively use them to forecast future trends using advanced software and give you advice based upon these as we see them affecting your business.

Happy woman in cafe. Happy financial projections!

Learn from the past

Traditionally accountants report back on year-old data, but we push the boundaries of technological innovations to get you the best and most recent historical records to give you better insights in your regular management reports.

Free up time and enjoy life with Unicorn Accounting

Savour the moment

By utilising technologies and leveraging compounded saved time, we can apply these to your future successes and allow you more time to enjoy as you only dreamed of.

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Working with an accountant is important work, it’s all about trust and we understand that. You want to know who you’ll be working with and what we’re all about.

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