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We are living in exciting times – at the moment we are spoilt for choice for online tools that can help run our businesses. There is software for everything you could possibly need from Human Resources (HR) to sales, to finance and even industry-specific ones too. See our 6 tools for startups post for some ideas on what is available.

The importance of cloud-based solutions – With the ongoing pandemic and remote work becoming more common, cloud-based software solutions have become even more important in allowing businesses to operate from anywhere and keep their data safe and accessible.

If you are building a startup at the moment then part of this building process is selecting what software you want to use. Likewise if you have been running a business for a few years then periodically you should do a systems review and understand what new systems there are that can benefit your business moving forward.

Now what we feel is really cool, and we get all excited about, is that many of the software offerings out there have API’s (Application Program Interfaces). Basically what this means is that developers of different software can make sure that their software can connect and sync up with other online software. Basically you can link up your different software so that you have a whole back office system that talks to each other. Not only is this more efficient but you can extract some amazing business data – which helps you to make the important business decisions.

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It takes time to research which software is ideal for your business and what other software it syncs with. However the benefits from implementing this is immediate. The amount of time saved when software syncs with each other can be really surprising. Additionally your staff can see how the work they do impacts other departments which can help bind your staff together into a great team.

The need for integrated cybersecurity solutions – As businesses become more reliant on software and online tools, they also become more vulnerable to cyber threats. Integrated cybersecurity services that work seamlessly with other software tools (as well as API’s) are becoming essential for protecting businesses from data breaches and other attacks. So be careful and have an IT expert look at the this for you.

The rise of low-code and no-code software development – With the increasing availability of low-code and no-code software development tools, businesses of all sizes can now develop and custom their own software solutions not needing to hire expensive development teams.

The growth of subscription-based software – Subscription-based software models are becoming increasingly popular. How businesses are leveraging these models to reduce upfront costs, provide greater flexibility, and ensure they always have access to the latest software updates.

The importance of inventory management for e-commerce accounting – Accurate inventory management is essential for e-commerce businesses, as it affects financial statements, taxes, HMRC reporting and cash flow. and how this can help improve their financial performance.

The impact of social media on business software – Social media platforms are increasingly being API into business software, providing businesses with new ways to engage with customers, collect feedback, and gain insights into customer behavior.

As part of our implementation service for new clients we can advise you on tool suggestions, link the services up for you if it is possible and provide some basic training for your team which will save you even more time by getting you up and running as soon as possible.


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