Take a break from the Hustle

The typical entrepreneur tends to be a serial overachiever. Gauging success on how many employees you have, your turnover, your profit and the fact that you work 100 hour weeks.

For many employees at the end of the day they turn off their computer, leave their desk and that’s it – they switch off. But you will be checking your social media before you go to bed, taking business calls and checking emails – you never switch off, you never give yourself the opportunity to take a break.

The Overworked Badge

If you speak to many business owners they frequently mention how they haven’t had a holiday in years and that they work 365 days a year and have done for many years. But while many entrepreneurs see this as a badge of pride could this actually be harming your business growth?

We believe that because as an entrepreneur you are working on the business 24 hours a day that actually you need to take frequent breaks from the business and doing so will have huge business benefits.

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  • Do It For Your Health

    Working long hours often means that you aren’t getting much sleep. It also means that you spend most of your day sitting down which doesn’t leave much time for exercise. Then add the fact that we are constantly under pressure and potentially stressed out – it’s a recipe for a health disaster.

    Taking a break gives you time to de-stress, leave work behind and focus on yourself.

  • Rest your Mind

    Our mind is always racing, even when we aren’t working on the business we are thinking about it – even subconsciously. When we’re thinking about clients, social media and sales our mind is full of small tasks when we should be focusing on the bigger picture – thinking forward to the future.

    By taking a holiday you stop thinking about the small things, you get a chance to refresh your mind, maybe read a few books, be able to change your perspective and find time to think about the future of your business.

  • Reignite Relationships

    Working all those long hours doesn’t give you much time to spend with family and friends. Above all else, family and friends are the most important aspect of your life, especially if you have children. Your children will only be young once, so take some time to enjoy it!

Get Automated

To enable you to take a break, you need to enable more autonomy from your business and employees. Whilst you are away your business will still be running – you need to ensure you have the systems documented, outsourced and automated to take your break. Automate so you can take a break and it means that once you are back you have freed up time for you to spend on day-to-day activities so you can grow and develop your business well into the future.

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Breakout E-commerce accountants and Xero specialists to supercharge your UK online business growth.