The importance of social media for e-commerce

There are many advantages of social media for e-commerce businesses. More users and consumers than ever before are actively searching for recommendations, products, and services via social channels, so it is of growing importance that e-commerce businesses utilise the opportunity to stay relevant and visible in a new online space.

Gen Z and Millennials are the driving force behind the search shift as younger generations become more comfortable with making purchases through social media apps rather than traditional search engines, but social media-savvy Gen X and baby boomers shouldn’t be dismissed.

The online shopping surge and e-commerce trends only further emphasise the importance of social media for e-commerce. With social media, brands can build awareness, target an online community, and directly interact with consumers.

We have already explored the rise of m-commerce and how live shopping is transforming the e-commerce world, and today we will explain the role of social media in e-commerce.

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The role of social media in e-commerce

Social media has the unique power to drive online sales and increase profits. On social media, brands and products can go viral and be shown to a wide and diverse audience. Increased brand awareness and exposure online often result in a spike in sales and attract a wider customer base.

Integrating social media into your business growth and marketing strategy will help to improve your online brand presence and customer engagement. Young people are treating social media as a search engine, so to maximise sales and discoverability, e-commerce brands and stores should become social media optimised.


What should e-commerce brands post on social media?

To stand out from the crowd, e-commerce brands and business owners should unleash their creativity. Some ideas include:

  • Product highlights- uses, benefits, and features
  • Behind the scenes content- brand stories, packaging orders, team members
  • UGC (user generated content)- repost customer images and customer reviews
  • Tutorials- how to guides and product demonstrations
  • Promotions- discount codes, exclusive deals, and giveaways
  • Interactive content- polls, quizzes, Q&A sessions

By implementing an e-commerce social media strategy, e-commerce businesses can build brand awareness, communicate with customers, and generate more sales.

Remember, use relevant hashtags, high quality images, and engage with your target audience.

Benefits of social media for e-commerce

There are a number of benefits to using social media for your e-commerce store. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that every e-commerce brand and business should consider in 2023, and here are just a few reasons why:

Boost brand awareness

Social media is a great way to create and boost brand awareness. Your social pages, posts, and products can be easily shared by consumers online. Over half of the world’s population now actively uses social media, so when you create an account, you have the potential to reach new and wider audiences who otherwise may not have been accessible.

To maximise the opportunity for brand growth on social media ensure you choose the right platform for your target audience, encourage your audience to share content, and create an easily identifiable brand.

Improves customer interaction and engagement

Connecting and interacting with customers is another unique benefit that social media has to offer e-commerce brands. On social media platforms, brands and businesses can directly interact and engage with consumers. Online, brands can help with product queries and concerns so customers can make an informed purchasing decision, which in turn reduces returns rates and improves customer satisfaction.

When you communicate with customers through social media, you create personal and meaningful connections that improve engagement and brand reputation.

Builds trust

Not only does social media allows brands to promote products, but it also allows e-commerce stores to educate consumers and share their expertise to solve a consumer problem. Social media content should always be educational, entertaining, or interesting to your target audience and by sharing your knowledge your brand becomes approachable and trustworthy.

It is important that on social media, not every post or share has to promote or result in a sale. Sometimes it is beneficial to your brand to offer helpful advice and expertise to consumers to build genuine and trusting relationships.

Low cost

Social media is one of the most efficient and powerful marketing strategies and it is free for brands and businesses to utilise. Even if your e-commerce store has a limited budget, social media allows you to achieve marketing goals at an affordable rate.

At zero cost, social media is an obvious choice to help e-commerce businesses expand and excel online. Although traditional marketing techniques and strategies remain effective, social media marketing comes at a much lower cost, ideal for brands just starting out.

While you are focused on improving your e-commerce brand’s social media presence and exploring social media growth opportunities, it is important to ensure all other business aspects are being taken care of.

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