5 Print-on-demand options for e-commerce entrepreneurs

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There are many ways to get a new product line up and running quickly, but one of the most popular options is print on demand. Print-on-demand, for e-commerce entrepreneurs, can be a quick and lucrative way to move with trends and capitalise on topical events. As specialist e-commerce accountants, let us show you some of the most popular options available and what you can do with them.

Print-on-demand removes headaches such as paying upfront and housing inventory but does potentially eat into your profit margins. Anyone can design an item, or you can outsource to a freelancer if you are not artistically minded but bear in mind that many of the most popular items for sale are simple text-based designs.


Printful has been a popular option since 2013 and is an effective tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs. It speaks to your e-commerce platform, whether that is Shopify or Amazon or anything in between. You upload to Printful and connect your platforms, then you can relax as it does everything else.

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You can create items such as t-shirts etc. but you can also create more unusual items such as laptop cases, flip flops, bean bags and pillows.

As Printful runs through your existing e-commerce platforms, your accounting will automate straight to Xero. Get in touch if you would like e-commerce accountants to get you up to speed on Xero and automation.


SPOD stands for Shopify Print on Demand and is a great print-on-demand option for e-commerce if you use Shopify as your primary e-commerce platform. Selling points include a 48-hour high-quality turnaround and of course, its ease of use; it feeds directly into Shopify, which, in turn, can feed straight to Xero, making your e-commerce accountants job quick and simple.

You can create the usual clothing items for men, women, and children and also bags, face protection, mugs, socks, badges and many more.


Printify is often compared to Printful but has differing catalogue and quality options. Like Printful, Printify hooks straight into your existing e-commerce platforms and is one of the more robust print-on-demand options.

Printify’s more unique offerings include high heels, sneakers, swimsuits, underwear, Christmas stockings, watch bands, clocks, shower curtains, duvet covers and pet beds. The sky’s the limit with these unusual options to widen your niche or specialise in a new item.


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Zazzle is one of the print on demand options for e-commerce that does not involve you having an existing e-commerce platform. If your business is new, this is a no-risk method of trialling your ideas and gaining some brand exposure.

Once you sign up for a Zazzle account, you can upload your designs straight to the site itself and sell them across a variety of products. More unique products include baseballs, digital backgrounds, birthday cards, wrapping paper and baby dummies.

Zazzle does not feed into Xero so it will increase your bookkeeping load, but e-commerce accountants like us will be able to advise you on automation that may help.


Teespring is another option to integrate with your existing e-commerce platforms. Items available include beach towels, pillows, phone cases and wall prints.

Unlike other platforms, Teespring has a minimum quantity requirement before your product will be printed, making it a great option for brands that are up and running, but not the best place to start out.

Things to consider when choosing a print-on-demand supplier

The print-on-demand supplier you choose will act as an extension of your brand, as and such it’s crucial you choose a supplier that is right for you and your eCommerce business.

So how do you know what to look for when sourcing a print-on-demand suppliers?

One of the most important aspects to look out for is quality. Great designs and quick service can quickly become negated by poor quality goods that fall apart after a week or two. Short-list some print-on-demand suppliers and order test samples to see the product quality first-hand.

You’ll also want to take shipping time into consideration. Customers have come to expect quick rates of deliver thanks to retails giants like Amazon, and many are looking for next day delivery options (or as close to it as they can get). Make sure to choose a print-on-demand company that can keep up with your expected demand and is able to ship your goods in a timely manner.

While quality and speed are essential, costs should also be at the top of your list of supplier considerations. Choosing a print-on-demand company with higher product and shipping fees may impact your profit margins, meaning you’ll have less money to reinvest into your business. Rather than focus on comparing print-on-demand service fees, look at whether you are able to increase the quality of your products and sell them for more money.

Other areas to consider include the customisation and printing options of your print-on-demand supplier, and whether their services integrate with other platforms like your website, eBay, Etsy or Amazon.

Next Steps

Whether you are looking at starting an e-commerce business or have one up and running already, print on demand can be a cost-effective method of testing ideas and reaching new audiences. If you would like help setting up automation and accounts for your print on demand choice, get in touch with our team of specialist e-commerce accountants today.

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