7 remote working destinations for the e-commerce entrepreneur

There are countless remote working destinations that are suitable to run an e-commerce business from. If your business is successfully up and running without the need for you to be tied to a desk, then it’s time to start looking at your options. These remote working destinations all have fast wi-fi to enable seamless working, gorgeous scenery, and are surprisingly affordable.

When you said goodbye to the traditional nine to five and embarked on your e-commerce business venture, it was inevitable that you would start to look at your new options. By moving to a more location-flexible business model, you will be able to work whenever, and wherever you choose.

And what’s more, when you work remotely from one of these wonderful locations around the world, you can save your e-commerce business money! With no office rent, utilities, or office supplies to pay for, you have more funds available to invest in and grow your business.

  1. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Budget around £680 per month

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While most nomadic hotspots with sky-high broadband speeds have matching sky-high living costs, Yogyakarta keeps costs down. With broadband speeds averaging an impressive 76MB/s, this city has all the perks required for you to work, including a large list of workplace options. It is a safe place to conduct business and boasts some lofty temperatures and attractive scenery.

Typically, Yogyakarta is considered a cheaper alternative to the highly popular destination of Bali also in Indonesia. The cost of living in Yogyakarta is low and is one of the least expensive cities in the world, which makes it the ideal location for e-commerce entrepreneurs searching for a new home.

2. Lake Balaton, Hungary

Budget around £1,210 per month

Although life in Lake Balaton is a little dearer, the stunning mountain and lake views make it a price worth paying. Broadband averages 59MB/s while healthcare and local amenities are all fairly standard. There are also more English speakers in Lake Balaton, making it easier for remote e-commerce business owners to make themselves at home.

When working from such a beautiful location, it’s only right you take some time to explore the area. Lake Balaton is a major holiday destination that has many worthy attractions and activities for you to discover during your stay. With everything you need for work and play, Lake Balaton in Hungary should be a serious contender for those who decide to work remotely abroad.

3. Bucharest, Romania

Budget around £1,340 per month

Bucharest boasts great weather, great broadband (52MB/s) and a quieter way of life. While it is the capital and financial hub of Romania, the population density means those used to English cities will find the city practically roomy. Both the buildings and scenery are delightful and with free Wi-Fi and countless places to work from, this could well be your new home away from home.

Internet is easy to access in Bucharest so you can work from practically anywhere from coffee shops and restaurants to shopping centres and even parks. This way, you can decide when and where you work. With the lift of most Covid restrictions, the world really is your oyster when you choose to work remotely in Bucharest in Romania.

Udon Thani, Thailand. Photo by Georgios Kaleadis.

4. Udon Thani, Thailand

Budget around £650 per month

It’s no secret that Thailand boasts gorgeous landscapes at a budget price point, but Udon Thani also has an average broadband speed of 20MB/s. While it isn’t as high as some other destinations, it is a cheap place to live that is also safe and friendly to visitors. There are many suitable places to work from, all while enjoying the sun and sensational views.

With a number of co-working spaces and offices available, Udon Thani is a great destination to begin your digital nomad journey. Everybody knows that Thailand is a must-visit location and an immensely popular holiday spot, so you’re more than likely to meet other likeminded entrepreneurs and remote workers during your time there.

5. Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Budget around £665 per month

Taiwan is only for those who like their weather to be dependably hot, but Kaohsiung is perfect for e-commerce business owners. Not only are the people very friendly to visitors, the city’s location also gives you the perfect launchpad to source new products direct from the suppliers. They have fast and free wi-fi, and the city is cheap yet safe. If you like it hot, this is a great option for you and your business.

Every e-commerce entrepreneur interested in working from Asia should consider Taiwan. A great visa scheme that allows remote workers to live in Taiwan for three years makes it an appealing choice. Taiwan also has great healthcare facilities and schools, so you could even take your whole family with you.

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Budget around £820 per month

Ho Chi Minh City has long been a favourite spot for travellers, but it is also one of the most ideal remote working locations. Whilst the heat and humidity are not to be sniffed, the city provides world-class scenery, along with fast broadband and plenty of places to work from. Its population density again provides a breath of fresh air for those accustomed to UK cities, and there are plenty of opportunities for adventure outside of your working hours.

Over the last few years, the city of Ho Chi Minh has seen a new wave of technological development, so it is easy to find high-speed internet across the city. You will also get to experience a true taste of Vietnam with street food vendors on every corner and benefit from inexpensive accommodation. And if you wish to escape the city, laid-back beaches and rainforest greenery is never far away.

7.Katowice, Poland

Budget around £900 per month

Poland may not be everyone’s top pick for remote working locations, but it is worth a second look. Katowice is considered an emerging metropolis, so get ahead of the crowd. It currently has a quieter feel than most international cities and has great broadband speeds, great work locations, both coworking and solo, and is friendly to newcomers.

The quality of life in Katowice is high while the cost of living is relatively low when compared to similar cities around the world. Additionally, there are many things to see and do close by so you can explore the sites while you work.

Time to get packing

Running an e-commerce business is hard work, but there are upsides to its digital nature. By making the most of outsourcing and automation, there is no reason why your work must be done in Huddersfield rather than Ho Chi Minh. We’re not saying travel is for everyone, but as a business owner, you make the rules. If you fancy working on top of a mountain, or on a tropical beach, your e-commerce business is your ticket to do so.

Working remotely in a different country also offers several personal benefits such as a flexible work-life balance, travel opportunities, personal growth, cultural learning, and memorable experiences.

Getting to remote working destinations

If you aren’t quite at a stage where you feel comfortable running your e-commerce business while you travel, or if you need help with the business logistics around your relocation and you need accountants who help make a remote working lifestyle a reality as we’re a remote working team too, then reach out to one of our staff. We will be happy to guide you and your business through the transition.

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