AI-powered tools for e-commerce management

To learn about AI tools to enable seamless e-commerce management, keep reading.

E-commerce is changing and keeping up with new, innovate changes can be tough.

When running an e-commerce store there is a lot to consider. You’re in charge of writing product descriptions, designing the storefront, and advertising in addition to the picking and packing that goes on behind the scenes.

Completing all these tasks manually can be overwhelming. Thankfully, new AI tools for e-commerce stores can make your load a little lighter.

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Designed to support, assist, and automate your store, these easy to use and cost-effective AI-driven tools will surely streamline and skyrocket business.

As artificial intelligence becomes more prominent in the e-commerce space, e-commerce store owners are urged to implement and experiment with helpful AI tools to prepare for the future of e-commerce and the expected transformation of the online storefront.

With AI tools, you can simply and easily improve productivity, generate an increased number of sales, and optimise your store operations.

This blog will mention four AI-powered tools for e-commerce management and the benefits each will bring to your online store.

What is AI in e-commerce?

AI in e-commerce can be used to identify sales and market trends, retrieve real-time data forecasts, offer relevant and helpful solutions to customers, and predict customer behaviours to provide personalised recommendations.

In turn, this allows e-commerce business owners save time by eliminating manual data processing and research while still benefiting from improved conversion rates and customer loyalty.

With the unique ability to automate the e-commerce process, from featuring new products on multiple e-commerce platforms to analysing large data sets, AI is driving the e-commerce industry forward and is transforming the way e-commerce stores and consumers think.

Refined merchandising

AI merchandising tools such as Kimonix, enable e-commerce store owners to build refined and smart product collection based on customer sales data and inventory analytics.

This AI sorting strategy consider inventory, management, margins, customer preferences, and sale influence to boost sales and move inventory.

Automatic testing and insights allow this technology to identify profitable and popular product performance to optimise inventory and maximise margins.

With AI merchandising tools, you are provided with the power and knowledge to display the right products to the right people at the right time.

Combining real-time sales and inventory data with shopper demand and preferences, with refined merchandising you can successfully boost conversions, understand customer preferences, and optimise inventory.

Dynamic pricing

E-commerce is a crowded space. Therefore, it is important to ensure competitive yet profitable pricing. AI tools such as Prisync, monitor competitors pricing in real-time to allow store owners to match or beat prices to secure sales.

Access to artificial intelligence price strategy tools allow e-commerce stores to increase margins, maximise profitability, and remain competitive.

By tracking an unlimited number of competitors and providing price comparisons, dynamic pricing features help you to better understand your position in the marketplace.

With an effective pricing strategy, you can attract customers, symbolise value and increase traffic to your store.

Getting your pricing right is important, and with AI competitor price tracking software you get a competitive edge.

Backend assistance

Xero, the cloud-based accounting software includes a range of AI tools that allow you to manage and fulfil your backend e-commerce tasks. Track projects, submit VAT returns, claim expenses, and more all in one place.

Enhanced by AI, new machine learning via Xero software can match invoices, reveal bank reconciliation predictions, reduce manual data entry with automatic filing, and provide in-depth customer analytics.

Backend store management is important to manage orders, track inventory, and improve fulfilment accurately and reliably.

With backend AI assistance, you can reduce handling time, optimise resources, automate business processes, and gain insight with data analysis.

Machine learning platforms such as Xero allow you to leverage the power of AI with easy to use and effective tools.

Optimised listings

Writing product descriptions and creating content for your store arguably the most important and therefore, daunting part.

Cramming in topics, keywords, and phrases can be difficult, especially if writing product descriptions and creating content is new to you.

AI software such as Writerly simply turns your ideas into words to make content creation easy and engage consumers.

With the ability to create totally new content and to edit and enhance existing descriptions, you can improve, elevate, and create content for your store, products, and services, simply and easily.

How to leverage AI in e-commerce?

As an e-commerce business owner, it is no surprise that you are interested in finding new and unique ways to accelerate business growth and performance. Unlocking the potential of AI can significantly help to grow your business through enhancing customer experience and optimising operations.

To maximise sales and to successfully streamline operations with AI tools, be sure to set clear objectives, choose the right tools that align with your business goals and requirements, stay updated with the latest innovations, and educate customers and employees about the benefits of AI-powered features.

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