Bookkeeping as standard for all clients

Bookkeeping can be overlooked in a new business, which can cause a bit of a scramble come tax season. At Unicorn Accounting, we like to ensure our clients have every tool they need at their disposal, and we’ll lighten the load.

We believe accountants should do more than just provide you with year-end figures. We have sought out the tools we believe are most crucial for an e-commerce business and provide all our clients with these tools as part of their standard package with us. We also like to help our clients have consistent and up-to-date figures, which is why all our clients get bookkeeping as standard.

There are many advantages that up-to-date and accurate bookkeeping can bring to your business including clear business targets, accurate budgeting, organised records, and most importantly, peace of mind.

What’s included in our packages

We know Xero is perfectly designed for e-commerce businesses, so we include a standard subscription to Xero for all our clients. We’ll keep this up to date by offering bookkeeping as standard.

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Bookkeeping involves recording and classifying each financial transaction your business makes. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that simply stores and displays your data, reports, and tax preparation.

All Unicorn Accounting clients are automatically enrolled into the MTD scheme, whether you hit the mandatory threshold or not. This helps to future-proof your business, allowing you to concentrate on its growth.

You’ll also receive our app advisory service to help you find the tools that will help maintain and grow your e-commerce business in your industry.

Why a bookkeeping standard?

We know that a business can only successfully grow if you have up-to-date data to help shape your decisions. And we know that as a business owner your time, focus and energy are all under demand from various sources. This is why we include bookkeeping as standard in all packages for new clients.

Bookkeeping is an important component of every successful business and provides an accurate idea of an e-commerce business’s financial health.

With this service you will have more confidence to look at growth projections, knowing you are never over-reaching but always meeting your business’ potential.

How will it work?

Your financial transactions will be managed throughout the month by a dedicated bookkeeper, using your subscription to Xero. Everything will be reconciled and up to date while keeping another task off your to-do list. This allows your accountant to give you the highest quality advice to help support your business goals.

With personalised advice and guidance based on your current business financial position provided by our expert accountants you can enable your business to grow and thrive.

Bookkeeping for e-commerce
Nicole Honeywill

Benefits for both parties

Providing all our clients with bookkeeping services has many benefits for you and for us. We will both know your financial data is reliable and uploaded in a consistent and timely way, allowing for more accurate, and more timely, valuable reporting on your business health. With reliable technology software and financial insights, you get the best and most accurate support.

Key benefits for you

It’s easy to see the benefits of bookkeeping as standard procedure with Unicorn Accounting. As an e-commerce business owner, you need to focus on the details, not the everyday accounting. We understand how it happens – you postpone bookkeeping to deal with more pressing matters but then you need up to date figures in order to grow and suddenly you hit a roadblock. Let us remove that roadblock. We’ll deal with the bookkeeping and you can free up some valuable time, knowing that your financials will be more consistent than ever before.

Our bookkeeping services ensure everything is reconciled and up to date. We are passionate about accurate and organised data which is why we insist on e-commerce bookkeeping and believe Xero is the best small business bookkeeping software.

How do I get on board?

If you’re a current client, we will upgrade your service if you do not currently have bookkeeping included in your package during your next package review period.

If you’re not yet a Unicorn Accounting client but love the sound of our perks such as the inclusion of a Xero subscription or bookkeeping as standard, then please get in touch. One of our staff will be delighted to talk to you. We can even help you transfer over to Xero seamlessly if you are currently using another system. We know e-commerce business is aided by the right technological help, so let us cut through your admin time and help you scale up.

The best time to start is now.

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