Does Helium 10 work in the UK?

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Does Helium 10 work in the UK? Yes, it is an exceptionally powerful tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Let’s look at how it can help your e-commerce business and the best plan for you, whether you are new to the marketplace or in a growth phase.

Helium 10 is one of the top product research tools for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Previously Helium 10 was only available to businesses in the US, but now UK sellers can take full advantage of its useful eCommerce tools,  It is often compared to Jungle Scout, but today we’re looking at it in its own right and discovering the best ways to use it for your e-commerce business.

Helium 10 for e-commerce in the UK

You can sign up for a free Helium 10 account to get accustomed to it. Once you log in, you will see this section on the top-left of your dashboard. If you do not see the UK flag, make sure to click on the flag and select it. Your searches will default to each time so make sure to switch before you search to get the correctly targeted information.

Helium 10 keyword search

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International e-commerce

If you are looking to sell your products internationally, changing this flag and searching for your existing keywords is a quick and easy way to check which markets will be most marketable for your products.

Helium 10 can also help you find products to sell internationally if you can find a desire for certain keywords in multiple markets.

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What can Helium 10 do for e-commerce?

The array of tools available through Helium 10 is very impressive, and their offering is always improving. Here are the options we had available on a free account as of July 2021:

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Helium 10 Chrome Extension

If you are looking to make the most of your Helium 10 subscription, you should also download the Chrome Extension. You can use this extension to:

  • Look at sales data for a product you are browsing
  • Look at potential profitability for a product
  • Extract product ASINS in bulk to create ads
  • See how many units your competitors have of a given product
  • See real-time insights from customers on a given product
  • Source products you are viewing through Alibaba

The Chrome Extension is free with all Helium 10 subscriptions, including the free account.

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Helium 10 pricing in the UK

Subscriptions to the myriad of e-commerce tools can add up, especially for a new entrepreneur. It’s important you choose the right package to maximise the bang you get for your buck. Helium 10 is available through a monthly and annual subscription, with the average saving on an annual subscription being 2-3 months. For full pricing and features, see this chart but as a quick rundown:

  • Free account – highly limited with only 20 keywords and 2 uses of certain searches per day but free forever. This is a great way to try out the tool but likely too slow for the serious entrepreneur to achieve progress. 
  • Starter $37 a month ($324 annual) – this is roughly £29.30 a month and has very few differences to the free account. It is still highly limited but adds in Amazon Sellers Training, a full financial analytics dashboard rather than 30 days and unlimited product validation through the Chrome extension rather than the 50 on the free plan. The couple of additional features don’t justify the increase from the free plan in all but the most particular of cases. Best avoided. 
  • Platinum $97 a month ($970 annual) – this is roughly £76.82 a month and is where Helium 10 becomes a serious tool. Most tools become unlimited, keywords now top out at 2,500, and you can track 3 markets. Marketing tools get added to your plan including email automation. This is a serious toolkit for the serious entrepreneur. If you are looking to stay on top of your game and aggressively go after a market share, this is the package for you. 
  • Diamond $197 a month ($1,970 annual) – this is roughly £156 a month and is Helium 10’s ultimate package. Most features remain the same as the platinum plan, but keywords top out at 5,000 and you can track 10 markets. A substantial ad spend is also included. The high price point for this package will mean it isn’t worth it for the majority of e-commerce start-ups but if you have an established business and are trading internationally on a large scale, then the multi-market tracking and inclusive ad-spend will help you make the most of your business while expanding your reach.


  • Elite $399 per month, with no option currently available for an annual subscription. This is roughly £315 per month and is an exclusive rank made up of high-performance sellers. Elite membership registrations only open up at certain times throughout the year, and you are required to join a waiting list should you be interested in benefiting from Elite membership. The plan includes expanded use of all of Helium 10 tools, as well as networking opportunities with other sellers at exclusive events, training sessions and workshops, as well as access to an Elite Facebook Group and Slack channel. While costly, the plan is a good choice for successful Amazon sellers who would like to take their business to the next level, with access to more powerful tools and expert strategies and industry contacts.

Next Steps

Helium 10 works wonders for UK e-commerce entrepreneurs. If you are a start-up, the free account is a great place to start before you move to the Platinum subscription. Scaling your business is about more than just the right tools, and that’s where we come in. For targeted advice on how to maximise your e-commerce business financially, get in touch with our team of e-commerce specialist accountants.

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