eCommerce accounting for a small business

If you’re a small business owner trading through Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, or any other online platform, you may want to consider working with a specialist eCommerce accountant to ensure your business accounts are in order. This blog will mention everything you need to know about eCommerce accounting for a small business.

Accounting admin can be a time-consuming task that pulls you away from the direct running of your business. Do you really want to spend your precious time submitting tax returns and managing the books when you could be focused on scaling and growing your store?

An expert eCommerce accountant will not only reduce your workload but will also ensure your online business is a growing success by providing e-commerce accounting and financial advice.

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Small business owners that work with eCommerce accountants can also benefit from saving money, avoiding fines, streamlined business processes, industry-leading software, and business growth.

What is eCommerce accounting for a small business?

eCommerce accounting manages the financial transactions made by an eCommerce business. This specialist form of accounting supports and handles the unique needs and demands of eCommerce stores and selling platforms.

Specialist eCommerce accountants provide a range of services that small businesses and small business owners can benefit from including bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll, and financial advice.

At Unicorn Accounting, our expert team of eCommerce accountants work to support online businesses by helping to achieve accounting and tax compliance. Our accountants have experience working with small start-ups, family-run online businesses, and a variety of eCommerce brands, so no matter your eCommerce accounting requirements, we can help your business succeed.

eCommerce accounting support for small businesses

If you’re an online store owner, Unicorn Accounting can help you with a range of eCommerce accounting services.

Providing you with industry-leading software, expert accountants, accounting advice, financial insights, and streamlined processes, we have everything you need to expand and scale your business.

Here are five ways eCommerce accountants support small business owners:

Expert accounting

Outsourcing your business accounts to a trusted eCommerce accounting firm allows you to know that your finances are being well taken care of. Never miss a deadline, forget a submission, or receive a penalty again when your accounts are in the hands of experienced eCommerce accountants.

By focusing on your specific needs and goals, at Unicorn Accounting we create personalised accounting packages that prepare your small business for future growth. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide advice on how to scale your business online and how you can build your eCommerce brand.

In addition, we use industry-leading Xero accounting software that seamlessly integrates with eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, Etsy and more.

Professional advice

A virtual finance director allows small business owners to get their finances in order without hiring an employee full-time. A dedicated eCommerce accountant will be assigned to the role to help to grow your business and offer professional advice in regard to financial decisions.

Technically, the accountant would be your business Finance Director, just virtually. Small businesses can discuss with their virtual FD their needs and requirements to ensure a mutually thriving relationship.

At Unicorn Accounting our virtual FD service allows small businesses to save money by avoiding employing a full-time member of staff when they may not be in the financial position to do so. Strategic advice, financial analysis, and a new business perspective allow online stores to act on opportunities to improve.

Dedicated bookkeeping

Even if you’re a small business, bookkeeping can be a big and timely task. It is crucial to record financial transactions to determine and ensure financial stability but keeping the books up to date isn’t always easy.

When you work with Unicorn Accounting, a dedicated bookkeeper will ensure everything is reconciled and continually kept up to date. We insist eCommerce bookkeeping is a necessity, so we include a bookkeeping service in our accounting packages. What’s more, we use the best small business bookkeeping software so you can be kept in the loop too.

Reliable tax filing

Tax can be a tricky thing to get your head around, especially when you’re an online businessman, not a specialist accountant. Late and inaccurate tax submissions can be costly to your business, so why take the risk? eCommerce accountants will manage tax filings, returns, and tax rates throughout the year so you don’t need to worry.

Tax returns, taxation in eCommerce, eCommerce sales tax, and eCommerce tax rates- Unicorn Accounting can assist with it all. Not only do our tax services cover mandatory tax filings, but our accountants are always on hand to provide specific and complex accounting advice when and if you need it.

Consistent payroll

Whether you have one or one hundred employees, payroll can be challenging to keep on top of. Ensuring your employees are paid on time and accurately is important for any business, so why not let an eCommerce accountant take care of it? Outsourcing your payroll will reduce time spent on admin tasks, achieve 100 per cent compliance, and ensure all data is accurate and submitted on time.

Payroll services at Unicorn Accounting make business processes simpler and easier. We offer bespoke online payroll services, and payroll services for small businesses, so no matter the payroll services you are interested in, our team has the solution.

For more information about eCommerce accounting for small business owners and how Unicorn Accountingcan help, get in touch today.

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