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Facebook Shops have landed in the UK, adding another platform for existing e-commerce businesses and a temptingly easy way to get started for those who haven’t taken the leap.

While the US launch was announced with great fanfare in Q3-4 2020, Facebook Shops were slow to appear in the UK. We are, however, the first country on the continent to gain access. There has been no big announcement, but you can likely set up a shop of your profile right now.

What are Facebook Shops?

Facebook Shops are a mobile-first e-commerce platform aimed at small businesses. They are available to nearly every business allowing e-commerce businesses to add another bow to their string. They are free to set up with selling costs set at 5% per shipment. Instagram Shops can also be managed through this.

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How to set up your Facebook Shop

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you probably have a Facebook for Business account set up already. If not, that should be your first step. Then, follow these instructions to open your Facebook Shop:

  • Open your Facebook Business page
  • You may see the Shop option newly appeared on your top menu options. If not, click the “More” dropdown on your menu to see if it is there
    Facebook Shops - set up a shot screen capture
  • Click “Go to Commerce Manager”
    Facebook Shops screen capture of set up
  • If you are selling through Shopify, WooCommerce etc. on your e-commerce site, you will notice an option here to import your products straight from your store on the right.
  • If you click “Next” you will get the following options:
    Facebook Shops setup screen
  • You can choose to direct customers directly to your site or, if you don’t have a website, you can let them checkout through Facebook, Instagram (currently US only but coming soon to the UK), WhatsApp, or Messenger.
  • Whichever option you choose, Facebook Shops will walk you through the process simply and easily.


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What are the advantages of Facebook Shops?

If you are yet to launch your e-commerce business, Facebook Shops offer another quick and easy way to get set up for minimal costs. While the 5% selling fee is higher than some other options, the ease of use makes it a front runner for those wanting to test the waters. If you are successful, you can always amend your set up to redirect customers to your site once it has been developed.

Entrepreneurs with existing an e-commerce business can easily create a store that imports their existing items and redirects customers back to their site for payment. These options let you use Facebook Shops merely as an advertising method to funnel sales to your site through the wonders of social media. This is an exciting way to gain a following and social media reviews while expanding your reach. You can also improve your customer service by incorporating Messenger into your processes.

Next Steps

Whether Facebook Shops will be your first e-commerce endeavour or you are looking to expand your existing e-commerce business, we can help you scale your business and maximise profitability in 2021. Get in touch with our e-commerce accounting experts to start your growth.

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