17 free Shopify apps to supercharge your store

Shopify is a firm favourite of many e-commerce business owners and it soon becomes even more impressive once you know what apps to utilise and how, but subscriptions can add up fast. Here are 17 free Shopify apps that will give you an edge without raising your outgoings.

Why do you need free Shopify apps?

E-commerce is a tech-driven industry, so you should make the best use of the tech at your disposal. If Shopify is your chosen e-commerce platform, make the most of its vast collection of apps to tailor your package to meet your business’ needs. As you may be starting out, being very cost-conscious, or you’re looking to become more efficient on your expenses, then these free Shopify apps may let you get your business moving in the right direction.

  1. Yotpo Reviews

    An e-commerce marketing platform that includes “customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals”. While it does have a premium subscription option, you can use its basic package for free. It will allow you to gather and display positive comments from your customers. You can display your reviews on your Shopify site or in emails and social media.

  2. Smile.io

    Smile.io will help you create a loyalty scheme to increase your repeat customers. Customers will be able to earn points, earn referral bonuses and unlock VIP status if they are frequent shoppers. Your e-commerce business will gain the illusion of size by creating a professional-looking loyalty scheme through this free Shopify app.

  3. Oberlo

    A great free Shopify app for new e-commerce business owners. It will get you up and running in minutes, providing inspiration for products to sell, linking you to suppliers and using drop-shipping if you want to jump straight in.

  4. Kit

    Recently launched, this free Shopify app is fast becoming a favourite amongst e-commerce business owners. Kit is an AI bot that will help you create masterful marketing campaigns across social media channels. It also integrates with Yotpo (number 1 on our list), making them a great pairing. Kit will ask you questions about your business and create campaigns that will drive traffic to your site. You will also be able to bring up reports from the campaigns quickly and easily.

  5. Order Printer

    This app by Shopify is a must-have to build brand recognition. It allows you to print invoices, receipts and packing slips and labels with customisation for your brand. You can create templates for ease of allowing you to create everything you need for your e-commerce business without needing to hire additional help.

  6. Partial.ly

    Offer flexible payment plans to your customers. Customers will have the option to pay in installments at rates you set. While this is a free Shopify app you will need to pay a transaction fee of 5% + $0.30, although it is worth noting that your Stripe fee will be covered by Partial.ly.

  7. SiteKit

    Once your e-commerce site is up and running, SiteKit will help you turn potential customers into realised customers through gamification and pop-ups. You will have seen the game of chance spinners on the side of a site but SiteKit also adds a sign-up discount and a promotions banner. All of these can be customised to your brand and you can integrate it with MailChimp to have a list that grows itself.

  8. Countdown Cart

    Any e-commerce business owner knows that added pressure in the form of a FOMO works wonders for your sales. Beeketing’s Countdown Cart does just that. It offers various options, all of which are designed to add urgency to your sales. It can display stock levels, a countdown timer (great for sales) or stats showing how many people have looked at and/or bought the item recently.

  9. Easyship

    A shipping platform that gives you access to a database of global shipping partners who will quote you for your international sales, saving you the leg work. Additionally, shipping through Easyship gives you access to heavy discounts of up to 70% and guarantees no hassle through Customs.

  10. Bulk Image Edit

    Unless you are Amazon, your e-commerce store is going to rely heavily on SEO to be found, particularly in its early days. As a free Shopify app, Bulk Image Edit provides an easy platform to “image SEO, image alt text, rename, resize, watermark, compress”. Your photographs will sell your items, so make sure they are found.

  11. Benchmark Hero

    On the subject of SEO, you will want to check out Benchmark Hero. SEO is a complicated area, but this free app will analyse your store and show you exactly where you need to improve. This app will show you what is working and what isn’t and even help you discover why some pages just aren’t converting.

  12. Wishlist Plus

    Wishlist Plus is, unsurprisingly, a free wishlist app. The developers, Swym, claim that customers spend “30-50% more” with wishlist functionality. It is certainly something customers seek out so integrate this app to drive them back to your site through personalised wishlist emails and nudges. The free version allows up to 100 wishlist items per month.

  13. Klaviyo

    Once you have a mailing list in its infancy, Klaviyo will help you create email sequences that “cut through the clutter”. It gives hard data on what was read and acted on and is free for up to 250 email contacts.

  14. Automatic Discount

    Create tiered discounts and gifts for loyal customers while creating rules to help keep the discounts to exactly what was intended. It will send discount codes direct to your loyal customers, driving them back to the store time and time again while limiting what items and how many items they can use the code on.

  15. Instagram Shop by Snapppt

    Instagram Shop does exactly that – it turns your Instagram feed into a shoppable catalogue of links. You can add links to your own posts, but you can also repost 3rd party content, such as customers using your product, and add links to it to add authenticity to your posts.

  16. Auto Currency Switcher

    If you are looking to expand into international sales, Auto Currency Switcher is another handy free Shopify app. While there is a pro plan, the starter plan will be more than sufficient for most starter e-commerce stores. The app will automatically detect the customer’s location and display prices in their local currency.

  17. Compass

    Finally, if you love analytics, Compass is the free Shopify app for you. Bringing in data from Shopify, Amazon and many more, it gives you a great overview of how your e-commerce store is doing. Using the data, it will give you recommendations on other apps and how to grow your business.

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