How accountants can support e-commerce stores in Q4

Accountants play a crucial role in supporting e-commerce stores and businesses during Q4 (the fourth quarter).

Q4 is the holiday season and tends to be the busiest period for many online retailers. During this time e-commerce stores tend to see a boost in sales and revenue.

With potentially hundreds of orders coming in everyday, it is important for e-commerce business owners to ensure best practices to manage processing, picking, fulfilment, and finances during this time.

With the expertise, knowledge, and tools available to manage finances and streamline business operations effectively, accountants can support e-commerce stores throughout the fourth quarter period and help them thrive all year round.

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This blog will explore some of the ways that accountants can support e-commerce stores in Q4.

How accountants can support e-commerce stores in Q4

Accurate bookkeeping

Accurate e-commerce bookkeeping is important all year round to improve cash flow management and to enable smart business decision making. However, during the holiday season when e-commerce stores can expect a surge in online sales it is essential to keep up with seasonal demand.

An accountant can manage all financial transactions during high demand periods such as Q4. Each month a dedicated bookkeeper will ensure that everything is reconciled and up to date by using advanced bookkeeping software, such as Xero, so e-commerce stores can easily know their available cash flow, keep track of business expenses, and calculate their business revenue.

100 per cent compliance

Outsourcing to an accountant also helps e-commerce business owners stay compliant with financial tax laws and regulations. Q4 is a busy time for online store owners and missing compliance deadlines can result in expensive fines and penalties. Therefore, it is important for online retailers to stay up to date and make sure they meet cut off dates.

Accountants monitor deadline dates in Q4 and help e-commerce stores stay organised throughout the holiday season to avoid missing compliance deadlines. They are equipped with knowledge about tax news and changing tax laws.

Specialist e-commerce accountants, like Unicorn Accounting, can also provide specific advice in relation to taxation in e-commerce, e-commerce sales tax, e-commerce tax rates, and complex international payments.

Informed forecasting and planning

Based on previous performance, accountants can support e-commerce businesses by developing financial plans, forecasts, and strategies for the upcoming period and throughout the year. This helps e-commerce stores thrive throughout the holiday season and prepare for the upcoming year.

With wealth of experience and advice, specialist accountants can build upon an e-commerce business by understanding specific business needs and goals. Analysing previous strategies and identifying what went well in addition to what shouldn’t be repeated can create informed forecasting and planning for a successful fourth quarter.

At Unicorn Accounting, dedicated e-commerce accountants will help get financial management in order to implement strategy for Q4 and scale online businesses.

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