Our Top Christmas Accounting Tips

Keep reading to discover our top Christmas accounting tips for e-commerce stores and entrepreneurs.

It’s almost Christmastime again and things are quickly amping up for e-commerce stores and business owners. Festivities and Christmas shopping are already well underway with consumers looking to bag themselves a bargain for the big day. For online retailers, this time of year is exciting but it’s important not to forget about your bookkeeping, tax, and payroll obligations during festive rush.

At Unicorn Accounting, we know how easy it is to get swept up in the excitement of Christmas and the boost in sales. We also know how crucial it is to take care of your accounting needs and requirements to ensure a successful new year.

To ensure your e-commerce store is set up for success, this guide will mention our top five Christmas accounting tips. So why not take a quiet moment to see how you can get ready for a happy new year.

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Get organised

The end of the year is a great time to get things organised and in order. After all, there’s no better feeling than knowing your e-commerce store is prepared for a new year. On the run up to Christmas, things are likely to be busy, so make sure you find time to sort out those receipts, chase late payments, get a start on filling out your tax return. This way, you won’t be greeted by late tax payments and penalty fines on your return to work in 2024.

Reward employees

Your employees work hard all year round to ensure your e-commerce business is a thriving success, so why not gift them a little treat when Christmas comes around? Whether it’s in the form of a bonus or Christmas party, a reward and recognition for their work is bound to boost staff morale, wellbeing, and retention.

What’s more, if your e-commerce store is a limited company, the taxman offers a generous tax reduction on seasonal parties.

While cash and gift vouchers are not tax deductible, HMRC states that, as long as they meet a specific criteria, seasonal gifts are considered tax deductible. Some of these criteria include a gift that is valued at under £50, isn’t a direct reward for work performance and is not included in their contract.

A little gesture can mean the world to employees, and rewarding them in the right way can benefit both parties

Review payroll

Reviewing your payroll ensures your business operates efficient and effective processes. Paying your employees, the correct amount and on time each pay period is of maximum importance, especially on the run up to Christmas so they can celebrate the festive season with friends and family without financial worry.

If you’ve noticed this year that payroll is often late or incorrect, streamlining payroll practices should be your priority going into the new year.

Review your VAT

If your turnover throughout the year is sitting at £150,000 or less (excluding VAT), it may be time to take a closer look at whether your current VAT payments are right for you. If you fall under the £150,000 threshold, you may be eligible for the VAT Flat Rate Scheme. If so, you could save a significant amount of money per tax year, as your business will be required to pay a fixed rate percentage to HMRC. Speak to our team of experts and find the best advice on whether the Flat Rate Scheme is right for you, and to check your eligibility.

Speak to your accountant

Speaking with your accountant is a great way to review your annual financial reports to gain a good understanding of your financial performance. This will help identify any areas where you can cut down costs, as well as any opportunity for expansion.

This includes areas you may not have considered before, including the possibility to claim certain entitlements if you, or your team, work remotely from home. This can include WiFi and energy expenses. You can find a full list of what you can and can’t claim on the government website.

This is also an ideal time to ensure your taxes and financial obligations are being met and that things are on track for another successful year in business. With this information, your accountant can help you to grow your business and offer tips and advice on how to meet your business goals.

Take time to relax

After the Christmas rush, it is important to take a break so you’re ready to hit the ground running on your return. Make the most of your time away surrounded by family and friends. After a few long and trying years, you sure deserve it.

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