Top 10 Xero integrations for your ecommerce business

There are a whole host of Xero integrations that have been expertly developed to power ecommerce businesses.

In fact, Xero is now recognised as one of the world’s most popular accounting platforms. This is mainly due to the many apps that integrate with Xero, so that you can enhance performance even further.

Allowing you to streamline a whole host of business and financial processes, Xero integrations have been proven to save businesses of all shapes and sizes a lot of money.


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What is a Xero integration?

A Xero integration is a third party integration that extends the features and functionality of Xero cloud accounting software. Helping businesses to manage their sales, finances, reporting, payroll, tax and expense management more effectively, Xero integrations are used to power many online businesses.

Xero add ons can help your business to streamline and improve tasks, manage data efficiently, quickly and easily keep up with inventory management and add an extra later of functionality to your Xero subscription.

Some of the most popular categories for Xero integration include:

  • CRM
  • Inventory management
  • Bills and expenses
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Time-tracking
  • Invoicing and job-tracking
  • Payments

Xero has over 1,000 integrations on its app store that are built to assist with a wide variety businesses and eCommerce stores.


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Here are our top 10 Xero integrations for your ecommerce business:


Shopify Xero integration

Shopify is a world-famous e-commerce platform that lets ecommerce business owners create stores and sell goods online.

If you use Shopify, Xero integrations allow you to connect and streamline your eCommerce sales with your Xero accounting data. Providing a whole host of solutions for ecommerce stores, Shopify Xero Integration also helps to eliminate data entry by automatically posting to Xero.


The Xero + Stripe integration

Stripe is a modern payments processor that is renowned for allowing cloud-based businesses to accept debit and credit card payments as a one off or on a continuous basis. Ultimately, this allows businesses to implement a reliable payments infrastructure.


Spendesk for Xero

Spendesk is a one stop shop for all of your management solutions. One of the main benefits of this integration is that when it is used with Xero, you will be able to benefit from a  complete spending and bookkeeping flow, with all purchases tracked.


BigCommerce Xero

BigCommerce connects with Xero in order to provide automated workflows and real-time data, which is automatically synced.



Hubdoc is a high performance data capture tool that captures important details from receipts, bank transactions and bills, and publishes them to Xero. You can also choose from Xero’s Starter, Standard, and Premium plans, so that you can enjoy a service that meets your business needs.



If you’re looking for an expense reporting, tracking, mileage tracking, and card reconciliation solution, Expensify should be your first port of call. This App makes it incredibly easy to review your expenses each month.



Many online shoppers prefer to use PayPal in order to make payments online and Xero’s PayPal integration allows users to offer flexible payment options to customers. But that’s not all… payments can also be automatically viewed and reconciled with Xero.


Veeqo Xero connection

Veeqo is incredibly popular as it focuses on inventory and shipping management for e-commerce, helping businesses to get to grips with running their business, behind the scenes.



Worldpay is the UK’s largest provider of digital payments and many ecommerce sites use Worlpay with Xero in order to optimise invoice processing and enjoy faster payments. One of the main advantages of using Worldpay with Xero is that you can also customise invoices and set up automatic payments.

Another benefit is that you can also offer customers multiple payment options, as well as a choice of currency.


Chargebee’s Xero integration

Chargebee is a billing management platform helps businesses to handle recurring transactions, optimise subscription management and even manage accounting processes. This allows businesses to gain a clear insight into how their businesses are run.

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