5 Top Xero integrations for e-commerce entrepreneurs – 2024 edition

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Xero was built for e-commerce entrepreneurs, making it our top accounting software pick for those at any stage of their e-commerce journey. One of the many great features is its app marketplace, allowing you to integrate with other apps, saving you time. These top Xero integrations for e-commerce professionals will help you grow to your full potential.

Xero regularly add to their App Marketplace, so let’s look at the top Xero integrations for e-commerce business owners in 2024. We’re determined to arm you with all the information you need so you can spend less time bookkeeping and more time growing your business.

What are Xero integrations?

Xero integrations, apps, and add-ons cover a wide range of areas including invoicing, payments, payroll, inventory management, CRM, and more. These apps are designed to streamline a variety of business operations and enhance functionality.

When you use Xero integration, you connect the software to other apps that will work seamlessly together. These integration abilities mean that e-commerce businesses can sync and transfer data between software systems.

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There are over one thousand Xero integrations to help e-commerce stores overcome business challenges.

To connect third-party apps to your Xero organisation, visit the Xero App Store.

How can Xero integrations streamline e-commerce accounting?

Integrating Xero with apps and add-ons can streamline e-commerce accounting by automating data entry, reconciling transactions, and providing a clear understanding of financial health.

Xero integrations can also automate tax compliance, payment processing, and inventory management to reduce the manual workload, ensure 100 per cent accuracy, and maximise efficiency.

With help from Xero integrations, e-commerce businesses can focus on growth and profitability while maintaining compliance and transparency.

1. Syft

We’ve mentioned Syft before as it was Xero’s Team Pick for the year, but it’s worth mentioning again. Syft creates reports that show the current position of your e-commerce business vs the industry standard. These reports can aid in securing funding from prospective partners, negotiating credit lines from the bank and, most importantly, giving you and your accountant clear information on how you can scale your business.

Perfect for: Demonstrating your business’ value to potential partners, funding streams etc. without having to put in a lot of work.

2. Fooman

Most e-commerce entrepreneurs opt for selling on Amazon FBA or similar platforms. You may also have a store housed on a website. Fooman is one of our top Xero integration options if your store runs through Magento. Indeed, Fooman is the “only Magento-Xero integration to work directly from your Magento backend”, making it an essential time-saver if your store uses Magento.

Perfect for: Anyone who uses Magento as there are limited automation options available.

3. Link My Books / A2X

Link My Books and A2X are both bridging apps that carry your e-commerce store data straight into Xero. Both are massively popular and we’ve covered the differences in detail here. Amazon FBA entrepreneurs can use either but Link My Books is currently only available for Amazon (and is beta-testing eBay), whereas A2X has more options.

Perfect for: All e-commerce entrepreneurs. Either option will save you time while increasing accuracy and providing your accountant with a clear picture of your position.

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4. HubDoc

HubDoc is a handy app that you can use to scan your receipts and invoices on your phone. The transactions are automatically matched with your bank data and the paperwork is neatly uploaded to Xero. What makes this even better is its price tag – It is free for Xero subscribers on the Starter, Standard or Premium plans.

All our clients receive a Xero subscription when they sign up for our monthly packages.

Perfect for: Entrepreneurs that are frequently out of the house or like to work remotely from a phone. Receipts are captured instantly so nothing gets forgotten.

5. Float

Effectively managing your e-commerce store’s cash flow can make or break your business. We cannot stress this enough. Xero has brought in cash flow facilities (2021), but Float is an award-winning alternative that provides intuitive, real-time cash flow analysis. It’s a great tool for experimenting with hypothetical future situations, ensuring your e-commerce business’ wellbeing for years to come.

Perfect for: Those who are looking to accelerate the growth of their e-commerce business, pay themselves through dividends or just wish to feel secure in the financial position of their business.

Next Steps

Moving to Xero is the best choice for your e-commerce business, and we’re happy to help you make the transition. If you are already a Xero user, get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help your e-commerce business grow.

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