5 Ways to grow your e-commerce business

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grow your e-commerce business

Once you have completed your business setup, the next stage is figuring out how to grow your e-commerce business. While every business is individual, there are some methods that every business can utilise to start scaling. Use the following to see how your e-commerce business can progress.

Whether you have just finished your business setup or have been in business for years, all e-commerce business owners need to keep asking themselves “what’s next?”. There is no such thing as a stagnant business – your business is either growing or it is losing traction. These can be used to encourage growth at any stage of your business’ journey.

Instagram Shoppable Posts
If you have a highly visual product, Instagram shoppable posts get your item in front of an audience that is keen to buy. Shoppable posts allow customers to buy directly from your posts, without creating the hurdle of leaving Instagram.

Mobile Optimisation
People are now using their mobile phones for internet purchases as the norm. No longer is it sufficient to have a site that is a placeholder on mobile devices – your shop should now be optimised for mobile user experience. If a customer cannot purchase easily on their mobile device, they are likely to abandon their cart, and they are unlikely to return when they have access to a laptop.

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Facebook Ads
While Facebook has fallen out of favour in recent years, they still have more monthly traffic than any of their peers. You can grow your e-commerce business very effectively by capitalising on this traffic through Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads can be customised to be extremely specific, allowing you to showcase your products to those most likely to buy. Through this, a small investment can make a big impact.


grow your e-commerce businessAllow Personalisation and Gift Purchases
In 2020, most consumers now look for products that go above and beyond the standard. One way to differentiate your product from the crowd is to offer personalisation.

By adding in the option to feature a name, allowing personalised gifting or any other small feature you may see a large uptake for the new feature. If you are using print-on-demand, many platforms allow you to offer this directly through them.

If you are sourcing the product internally, you will need to do some financial analysis to see if this would be cost-effective for your e-commerce business.

Automate Email Campaigns
Marketing experts have shown time and time again that following up on purchases and near-purchases can produce results, but no e-commerce business wants to spend time or money doing so manually.

Shopify features abandoned cart messages or you can use automated email platforms such as Drip. To grow your e-commerce business you may also want to create separate campaigns to showcase key items to existing customers or send them recommendations.

Just make sure to be GDPR compliant (have emails set to opt-out automatically), keep your emails on message and not overwhelm your customers by contacting them too frequently as this can create the opposite to the desired effect.

Next Steps

If you would like more advice on how to grow your e-commerce business or want our expert help on utilising automation and apps for growth, please get in touch with our team. We only work with e-commerce businesses, just like yours, and can help your business scale to its true potential.

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