A2X for Shopify has landed

As an e-commerce business owner, you were likely aware of A2X for Amazon. This handy bridging software simplified processes and dealt with data imports smoothly in the background for all your international Amazon sales. Now, A2X for Shopify has been added to the e-commerce arsenal.

At Unicorn Accounting, we love anything that saves our clients time and money. That’s an integral part of business growth, and we want to see our clients thrive. That’s why we had to showcase A2X for Shopify. We’ve long been advocates of A2X for Amazon so we’re delighted to see another handy tool added to the A2X software suite.

What is A2X for Shopify?

A2X for Shopify is an extremely useful bridging tool for your transactions. Your Shopify sales will be noticed by A2X and posted to Xero automatically. Everything will be reconciled to payouts, giving you peace of mind that transactions have been accounted for correctly. Whether your store is in your home currency or multi-currency, whether you offer one or more payment methods, A2X for Shopify can handle it all.

The AX2 connector app will go between sales channels and your accounting software to load settlements, breaks, and summaries for fast and accurate reconciliation.

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Why use it?

If you have a thriving e-commerce business, it is easy to see the benefit of this system. As your store and your sales grow moving transactional data across can get to be more and more of a chore. Attempting to reconcile each fee to the bank statements can cause headaches, and the sheer number of transactions can make your accounting data look jumbled at best. A2X for Shopify removes the need for multiple entries, creating summarised statements that are tied to each payout summary. The result is a tidy ledger and a perfect reconciliation every month.

If your e-commerce business is still a fledgling endeavour it can be hard to see the advantage. But at Unicorn Accounting, we know your business won’t stay small forever. We encourage all our clients to future-proof their business as it grows, so you’re not left scrambling when the time comes. By integrating A2X now you’ll be perfectly placed as your business scales, with no additional admin time required. Growing your business should be fun and enjoyable. Ease the stress and prepare for growth by implementing AX2 bridge software today.

Bridging the gap

Shopify is already supported by Xero App Marketplace, but A2X for Shopify still brings something special to the table. By organising all your sales, fees and adjustments your ledger will be well-managed and reconciled.

Shopify to Xero Integration

It provides what is known as summarised accounting. This protects your accounting system from being inundated with unnecessarily cluttered transactions. As your business grows, so can your digital clutter, but A2X keeps your financial data clear and concise.

Set up to go

A2X for Shopify takes two minutes to set up and is just as easy to integrate with Xero. It’s fully customisable, allowing you to map your transactions to your accounting setup. If you overhaul your setup down the line, you can tweak the mapping without any risk to the integrity of the data. A2X will simply remap and repost, keeping you in line with historical data.

If you already have an existing AX2 for Amazon, you will be asked to confirm you wish to make a new account for Shopify plus.

A2X for Shopify Pricing

A2X for Shopify starts at $19 per month but has packages to suit e-commerce businesses of all sizes. If you are in excess of 5,000 orders per month, A2X will create a tailored package to suit your needs.

Need some help?

If you are looking at integrating A2X into your accounting software and would like to discuss your options with someone, please get in touch. We create tailored packages and can include software in your accounting package as necessary. As e-commerce specialists, we know how to minimise your accounting time, and maximise the usefulness of your data. A2X for Shopify is the tip of the iceberg, so let us show you how to grow your e-commerce business to its true potential.

The best time to start is now.


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