5 Xero apps to aid bookkeeping for Amazon sellers

Being an e-commerce entrepreneur doesn’t mean you want to be a bookkeeper. We understand that you need to concentrate on the big picture and minimise the time it takes to complete bookkeeping and administrative tasks. Here are some apps to help you cut back on your admin time and increase your productivity and we especially cover software to support bookkeeping for Amazon sellers.

We are Xero specialists as we believe it is the best accountancy software for e-commerce business owners. Every app we mention is also available on Xero App Marketplace, allowing it to integrate seamlessly to further reduce the time it takes to stay on top of things.


Starting at £40 a month, this convenient app works with Amazon, but also with other platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, etc. It will allow you to automate invoices to your accountancy software, ensuring your accounts are always up to date in that regard. It will pull in your sales data, group it as per your preference and even auto-approve each invoice so it will be logged as approved or paid. Expandly even calculates taxes on your invoices, although we would always advise you to run these figures past your accountant.

You can also use it to automatically log sales in the right category, ledger and bank account. Amazon sellers also love it’s integration to common shipping carriers such as Royal Mail and Hermes.

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It’s also a great inventory manager, whether you are using Amazon in the UK marketplace or across the globe.


Calculating VAT for e-commerce is a tricky business and we always recommend you seek advice from an accountant in each country in which you are trading. That being said, Weava is an excellent tool that can calculate your VAT liability from your Amazon sales in the UK, and across the EU.

While this is a great tool for estimation purposes, the complexities of VAT for Amazon sellers are such that you should still run your figures by an e-commerce specialist accountant to ensure total compliance.

Apps to make bookkeeping easier for Amazon sellers
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We have already mentioned A2X as it’s our favourite for importing all the right data straight from your Amazon account. This app pulls in sales data and fees from Amazon and reconciles it without you ever having to lift a finger. It will cut through your bookkeeping time like you wouldn’t believe and is trusted and recommended by us to all our clients.

A2X is specifically tailored for bookkeeping for Amazon sellers (although a Shopify variant is also available) and this specialisation allows it to shine.


Taxomate was created specifically for e-commerce entrepreneurs on Amazon. It automatically fetches your Amazon transactions and posts them directly to your accounting app. Once you enter your tax rates it will automatically calculate the correct level of tax too. It’s simple and easy, removing bookkeeping time and providing accuracy.


This app integrates with Amazon both in the UK and across a variety of global marketplaces. It will automatically upload your transactions to your accounting software and even attaches a copy of the source documents, providing you with reference material at your fingertips.

Bookkeeping as an Amazon seller

These handy apps make bookkeeping for Amazon sellers light work, but to maximise your e-commerce business’ true potential, you will need an e-commerce accountant to get the right apps for your business set up, and in the best way, for great results. If you’re ready to discuss how we can help you grow your business, please get in touch with us today. Our fixed monthly fees include a subscription to Xero and include an app advisory service to make sure your time is spent where it should be.

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