E-commerce business ideas you need to try

If you’re debating or considering setting up and launching your own e-commerce business, here are some profitable ideas to kick off your business venture.

If you are looking to set up your very own e-commerce business and accompanying store but have no concrete idea about what you should sell, this blog is for you. In 2024, you can buy just about anything online, thanks to marketplaces such as Amazon, so it is important that whatever you choose to sell helps your e-commerce business to stand out in an overcrowded online market.


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Why sell online?

There are several advantages of choosing to sell online. After all, it is quick and easy to set up which means you can start selling, and making money, straight away.

Selling online allows your store, products, and services to reach a global audience allowing customers to browse and make purchases at any time to improve sales potential.

Additionally, choosing to sell online means you have less overheads to worry about compared to traditional retail stores. With no requirement to invest in a physical premises, e-commerce stores operate with lower expenses and in turn, can earn higher profit margins.


How to sell online

To begin selling online you need to find your niche or competitive angle (that’s where this blog comes in handy).

You then need to decide which e-commerce platform you wish to sell your products on and which payment methods you will accept. Additionally, you will need to consider your shipping methods.

Once you have created your online storefront, you can begin to promote your products.

From homemade pet treats to educational aids, here are some profitable e-commerce business ideas to get you started on your e-commerce journey.


Sustainable toys

The demand for sustainable consumer goods is on the rise as consumers look to make ethical choices and environmentally friendly purchases. If you knit, sew, crochet, or paint, this could be a great way to enter the e-commerce space. This niche business idea allows you to create bespoke toys, gifts, and décor for children and adults.

For maximum success, look at what toys are trending and research how you can add your own spin. It may even be worthwhile to contact other toy sellers and enquire about their inventory.

Homemade pet treats

Homemade pet treats are a great item to sell online as they meet animal and owner needs. This is an especially great business idea if you are an animal lover. When making your own pet treats you can identify gaps in the existing market and work to create unique recipes that will target niche groups. For example, adding ingredients to dog biscuits that calm anxiety in puppies will be of interest to owners with anxious pups.

However, if you decide this is the business route for you, be sure to check which business licenses are required in the countries you plan to trade in.

Flipped goods

Flipping and upcycling second-hand items has become quite the trend on TikTok and is an affordable way to launch your e-commerce store. Whether it be transforming charity shop sweaters with crochet patches or elevating antique furniture with a lick of paint, there is a huge market for ‘flipped’ goods online.

Often craft supplies come at an affordable price and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials available to show you the best upcycling techniques. Or if you’re looking for a business venture that requires a little less creativity, you can search for one-of-a-kind and vintage clothing, furniture, and jewellery that can be flipped online.

Educational supplies

Creating and selling products that help consumer reach their personal and professional goals, such as eBooks, workbooks, and courses, appeal to a variety of audiences. Depending on your background and history, you can create educational tools and supplies based on your expertise to help those looking to learn.

Most e-commerce selling platforms allow you to publish eBooks, workbooks, and video material for sale. By publishing your educational aids in a variety of formats and on a range of subjects, you have the potential to attract a wide and diverse audience.

Do I need an e-commerce accountant?

An e-commerce accountant has all the industry knowledge and expertise to ensure you meet all the requirements and that your e-commerce business is trading compliant.

Starting your own business can be an exciting yet scary time and knowing a trusted e-commerce accountant is on hand to offer support and advice can be reassuring.

Hiring the right accountant will ensure you make the right financial decisions for your business to secure success and that your business is prepared for growth.

No matter what you choose to sell, it is important to speak with an accountant to ensure you benefit from industry-leading platforms, insights, and advice along the way.

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